Personalized, proactive and ethical advocacy, with a focus on civil, commercial and consumer law.


Barreto Dinucci Advocacia is a law firm founded in Botucatu in 2020, led by Caroline Leite Barreto Dinucci, a professional with extensive experience in strategic law, in the areas of business, civil, family and consumer law, haldling litigation, mediation and arbitration proceedings.


The quality of the legal services we offer is the result of the extensive professional experience of the firm's founder, her solid academic background and a drive for continuing education.


Caroline has worked for more than ten years at the prestigious law firms Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. and Quiroga Advogados and Demarest Advogados, in addition to an international practice at Ince Gordon Dadds office, one of the most renowned firms in London.


Also in the UK, Caroline completed her Masters in Business Law (LL.M in International Business Law) at King's College London, with focus in international arbitration and corporate governance. Among other postgraduate courses are also a master's degree in Commercial Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP), specializations in Real Estate Law, Corporate Law and Compliance at Escola Paulista de Direito (EPD), Civil Procedural Law by PUC-SP and Family Law (Ibdfam and UCAM).


Throughout her career, Caroline has represented Brazilian and foreign clients from various sectors of the economy, including agribusiness, banking and finance, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pulp and paper, retail, investment funds, insurance and reinsurance. Focusing her work on civil litigation cases, she handles matters of national and international relevance in all legal instances, including the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Superior Court of Justice (STJ) and State Courts.


All of this enables Barreto Dinucci Advocacia to build and deliver technical, intelligent and efficient solutions, with the rigor and excellence of a big firm, while offering individualized service to each client.


Our close and attentive relationship with our clients gives us the freedom to proudly say that we act as true business partners of our clients, advising individuals, families, startups and companies from the most diverse sectors of the economy.


We develop decisive and comprehensive strategies for our clients, operating throughout Brazil and relying on a wide network of relationships with professionals in all areas of law.


Caroline L. Barreto Dinucci


Founding partner of Barreto Dinucci Advocacia, Caroline Leite Barreto Dinucci is a lawyer specialized in either legal consulting and litigation, mediation and arbitration (dispute resolution), being a certified mediator by the Society of Mediators (SoM) of London, UK.


She works with civil matters, including family matters, contractual, commercial, corporate and consumer matters. She worked for more than a decade in litigation and arbitration at two of the main Brazilian law firms, Mattos Filho and Demarest, before founding the firm in 2020.


She also has international experience, having worked at Ince Gordon Dadds office in London (United Kingdom), at its commercial dispute resolution area, handling mediation processes.


With a relevant role in business disputes and arbitrations, she represents individual clients, families, investors and corporate clients from various sectors, with emphasis on the agribusiness, pharmaceutical, chemical, pulp and paper, retail, investment funds, insurance and reinsurance industries.


She haldles cases of national and international relevance at the Superior Courts, including the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the Superior Court of Justice (STJ).


In the academic area, she was a professor in the lato sensu post-graduation course of Commercial Law at Faculdades Integradas Rio Branco – Rotary, in São Paulo and an assistant professor of Commercial Law at the Law School of the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP).


She has a Master's Degree in Business Law (LL.M in International Business Law) from King's College London and in Business Law from PUC-SP, in addition to specializations in Civil Procedural Law, Real Estate Law, Corporate Law and Compliance and Family Law.


She is the author of articles and co-author of book chapters and publications in the areas in which she works, especially in civil law.


  • Masters (LL.M) in International Business Law, King's College London – KCL (London, England)

  • Master's Degree in Commercial Law, PUC-SP

  • Postgraduate in Civil Procedural Law, PUC-SP

  • Postgraduate in Family Law, Brazilian Family Law Institute (IBDFAM) in partnership with Cândido Mendes University (UCAM)

  • Postgraduate in Real Estate Law, Escola Paulista de Direito (EPD)

  • Postgraduate in Corporate Law and Compliance, Escola Paulista de Direito (EPD)

  • Bachelor of Laws, Mackenzie Presbyterian University


  • “Dismissal of Article 334 Hearing and Consequent Implications” In: OZI, Fabio Teixeira (ed.) The three years of the new Code of Civil Procedure: relevant themes and the Courts' view. São Paulo: Blucher, 2019, p. 96-107

  • “Bank Rates, Consumer Defense Code and the jurisprudential understanding of the Brazilian Courts”, published in Sapere Aude Magazine

  • “Business Succession in light of Law n. 11.101/2005 and Law n. 12,846/2013”, published in Sapere Aude Magazine


  • OAB/SP – Brazilian Bar Association, São Paulo section

  • Participated in the 13th edition of the Commercial Mediation Competition promoted by the ICC - International Chamber of Commerce of Paris, France

  • Former coordinator of the New Lawyers Committee of CESA – Center for the Study of Law Firms

  • Member of LAWYERS BR

  • Member of Lex Anglo Brasil

  • Member of Young ICCA



Real Estate Law


 Arbitration and Mediation



Intellectual and Industrial Property

 Agreements and Negotiations



Data Protection



Consumer Law

 Civil Law


Family and Succession Law

 Commercial Law

Bankruptcy and business recovery

Medical and Health Law



Barreto Dinucci Advocacia provides legal advice to companies from various sectors, with strategic rigor in the execution of legal transactions, from its inception, through the drafting and review of civil, commercial, business and consumer contracts, documents and agreements, issuing legal opinions and risk analysis of civil cases, contracts and business models.


Our law firm also advises investors and individuals in queries related to their current business as well as future projects and personal, family and real estate issues.


Barreto Dinucci Advocacia is a firm with extensive experience in contentious cases, arbitration and national and international mediation, as well as in pre-litigation negotiations.


We represent both individuals and companies in administrative proceedings, in litigation, at first and second instances and at Brazilian superior courts (Supreme Court - STF and Superior Court of Justice - STJ), in addition to arbitration and mediation proceedings.


Where applicable, we will recommend and act on behalf of our clients to resolve disputes through agreements.


We combine technical knowledge, expertise and strategy to effectively resolve disputes so that our clients achieve their goals.




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